Easter at lush is an eggsquisite delight!

Today is an eggciting day for all people who love Lush. Today the 10th March 2017 is the launch of the easter range in the shops, and online. There are so many lovely goodies for us to feast on...without losing our teeth from all the sugar...but with just as much chocolate and sweetness! We have… Continue reading Easter at lush is an eggsquisite delight!

Frozen – Lush bath bomb review

I thought I would lighten the mood a little. Also Oliver is a little overwhelmed at the moment; therefore isn't feeling up to giving his input for part 2 of my blog calledĀ Evan dissects ableist blog post. Taking this into consideration I have decided I am going to review one of the recent baths me… Continue reading Frozen – Lush bath bomb review