Tegan and Sara – Manchester Albert Hall – 14th February 2017

My birthday is coming up soon and as soon as I realised Tegan and Sara were touring I knew I wanted to go. I told my mum and she said well I'll buy you a ticket for your birthday! Which to be honest worked out perfectly. I posted a status on good ol' Facebook and… Continue reading Tegan and Sara – Manchester Albert Hall – 14th February 2017

Lush – Comfort zone challenged – A review of my new hair care routine

In the past I have always only used the solid shampoo and conditioning bars from Lush. Swapping them occasionally to use either Jersey Bounce or Big and I love how they all worked with my hair. However, I decided I was going to have a change. This was a big thing for me as I… Continue reading Lush – Comfort zone challenged – A review of my new hair care routine

Lush – Autism friendly.

As in my other blog which can be foundĀ hereĀ I talk about my partner Oliver and how he has grown to love Lush almost as much as me. He needed some new moisturiser for his knees as his skin was becoming very hard and dry. I suggested we go to Lush as I knew he would… Continue reading Lush – Autism friendly.

Discovering Lush – A journey

I have been a Lush fan for as long as I can remember. However, one thing I have never thought-of or seen blogged about is how accessible the products are. I guess this is because I have never really needed to think about that kind of accessibility. My partner and I have a number of… Continue reading Discovering Lush – A journey