Hoe Grange Holidays – 7 nights of perfection.

Today I came back from my holiday with Oliver, it was amazing. We went to the peak district for 7 days, on a farm in Brassington. We stayed in a cabin which was wheelchair accessible with a wet room. We had a whirlpool bath and separate toilet...a hot tub...and my did we make use of… Continue reading Hoe Grange Holidays – 7 nights of perfection.

Evan dissects ableist blog – part 2

I apologise for the amount of time it has taken me to do part 2 of this blog, I didn't want to do it without the input from Oliver and he hasn't felt up to it up until now. For those who haven't seen part 1 it can be found┬áhere. I also apologise for the… Continue reading Evan dissects ableist blog – part 2

London – last moment of amazing madness!

So I haven't posted for a while and I apologise, a lot has gone on in the world of Evan. To summarise sadly Oliver became very unwell and required emergency surgery 2 weeks after his hysterectomy. And then I became ill with my mental health and was placed in an inpatient psychiatric unit. I had… Continue reading London – last moment of amazing madness!

Evan dissects ableist blog post – Part 1

This blog isn't all going to be about Lush. I'm sorry if that is what you wanted. I also apologise for the length. This post is about autism and relationships. My autistic partner Oliver came across page on Blogger called - My Asperger's Child; within this blog there is a post called 'Married to an… Continue reading Evan dissects ableist blog post – Part 1