Easter at lush is an eggsquisite delight!

Today is an eggciting day for all people who love Lush. Today the 10th March 2017 is the launch of the easter range in the shops, and online. There are so many lovely goodies for us to feast on...without losing our teeth from all the sugar...but with just as much chocolate and sweetness! We have… Continue reading Easter at lush is an eggsquisite delight!

Hoe Grange Holidays – 7 nights of perfection.

Today I came back from my holiday with Oliver, it was amazing. We went to the peak district for 7 days, on a farm in Brassington. We stayed in a cabin which was wheelchair accessible with a wet room. We had a whirlpool bath and separate toilet...a hot tub...and my did we make use of… Continue reading Hoe Grange Holidays – 7 nights of perfection.

Tegan and Sara – Manchester Albert Hall – 14th February 2017

My birthday is coming up soon and as soon as I realised Tegan and Sara were touring I knew I wanted to go. I told my mum and she said well I'll buy you a ticket for your birthday! Which to be honest worked out perfectly. I posted a status on good ol' Facebook and… Continue reading Tegan and Sara – Manchester Albert Hall – 14th February 2017

Evan dissects ableist blog – part 2

I apologise for the amount of time it has taken me to do part 2 of this blog, I didn't want to do it without the input from Oliver and he hasn't felt up to it up until now. For those who haven't seen part 1 it can be found here. I also apologise for the… Continue reading Evan dissects ableist blog – part 2

London – last moment of amazing madness!

So I haven't posted for a while and I apologise, a lot has gone on in the world of Evan. To summarise sadly Oliver became very unwell and required emergency surgery 2 weeks after his hysterectomy. And then I became ill with my mental health and was placed in an inpatient psychiatric unit. I had… Continue reading London – last moment of amazing madness!

Frozen – Lush bath bomb review

I thought I would lighten the mood a little. Also Oliver is a little overwhelmed at the moment; therefore isn't feeling up to giving his input for part 2 of my blog called Evan dissects ableist blog post. Taking this into consideration I have decided I am going to review one of the recent baths me… Continue reading Frozen – Lush bath bomb review

Evan dissects ableist blog post – Part 1

This blog isn't all going to be about Lush. I'm sorry if that is what you wanted. I also apologise for the length. This post is about autism and relationships. My autistic partner Oliver came across page on Blogger called - My Asperger's Child; within this blog there is a post called 'Married to an… Continue reading Evan dissects ableist blog post – Part 1