Easter at lush is an eggsquisite delight!

Today is an eggciting day for all people who love Lush. Today the 10th March 2017 is the launch of the easter range in the shops, and online. There are so many lovely goodies for us to feast on…without losing our teeth from all the sugar…but with just as much chocolate and sweetness!

We have a massive mixture of things; a lip scrub, bath bombs, soaps, reusable bubble bars, face washes and a lovely array of gifts. I assure you there is something for everyone.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Lush Blogging Event at my local store in Bury. Which was a showing of what the store has to offer for the easter period. I instantly fell in love with the chocolate lip scrub, it’s a yummy chocolate orange smell and taste. Its sure to complicate any lip balm but I’m currently pairing it with Honey Trap for luscious moisturized lips. I was also over the moon that golden egg is back…nothing beats the glittery goodness in my view. I love the way that Golden Egg is both a melt and bath bomb in one. I find there is definitely no need to moisturise after using it. Although the glitter (which I love) does and will stick to you so maybe don’t use if you don’t want to be glittery.

There are a few kitchen exclusives too…when at the showcase I was able to grab one of Oliver’s favourite bath bombs in egg form which is The Experimenter Egg. We are yet to use it but I will be sure to post pictures when i do. They also have Big Blue, Intergalactic and Lava Lamp in egg shaped form.

Lush easter range.
The Easter Collection

[image description: 16 various lush products in 4 rows of 4. Top row from left to right: ‘Bundle of fun’ a multi coloured wrap, ‘Golden Egg’ a large shiny egg with some orange ribbon around it, ‘Golden Egg’ a bath bomb and bath melt in the shape of a gold egg, ‘Wash behind your ears-shower gel’ an orange circle.

Second row: ‘Which came first-bath bomb’ pink egg shaped bath bomb with yellow spots, ‘Which came first-bath bomb’ a pink egg shaped bath bomb with a yellow sun design, ‘chick n mix-bath bomb’ bottom half of the bath bomb is blue with a zig zag top the top half of the bath bomb is yellow with two black dots as eyes and fits into the zig zag on the bottom half. ‘flopsy-fash wash jelly’ white rabbit head.

Third row: ‘the experimenter egg-bath bomb’ egg shaped bath bomb with the right half lilac and the left half blue, ‘lava lamp egg-bath bomb’ orange egg shaped bath bomb with two purple circles, ‘chocolate-lip scrub’ brown circle, ‘bunch of carrots- reuseable bubble bar’ pink carrot with a green top.

Bottom  row: ‘carrot’ multi coloured carrot with a green top, ‘chocolate easter egg-soap’ two pink circles with yellow and green on the background, ‘integgalactic-bath bomb’ egg shaped blue bath bomb with pink and yellow patterns at the top and bottom, ‘big blue egg- bath bomb’ egg shaped bath bomb with a white top and blue bottom. End image description]

Which are your favourites? What are you most looking forward to using? Share with me in the comments 🙂

Bye for now



2 thoughts on “Easter at lush is an eggsquisite delight!”

  1. I LOVE the golden egg – it’s just gorgeous, I want to fill my bathroom with them! But you’re so right about the chocolate lip scrub a DEVINE. Also Which Came First leaves pretty bath swirls – can I just like them ALL the best? Hahahah! Great post and it was lovely meeting you.

    Hannah xx


    1. I have always loved the lip scrubs…But this one is just amazing. my lips have never felt better. Oliver even tried it and was amazed at how soft his were. I am struggling to pick a favourite too. Its so so so difficult. It was a pleasure meeting you too.

      Much love,


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