Hoe Grange Holidays – 7 nights of perfection.

Today I came back from my holiday with Oliver, it was amazing. We went to the peak district for 7 days, on a farm in Brassington. We stayed in a cabin which was wheelchair accessible with a wet room. We had a whirlpool bath and separate toilet…a hot tub…and my did we make use of them!

When we arrived on the Monday, it was raining and snowing…and was rather cold. We were welcomed with a loaf of homemade fresh bread which was still warm, biscuits, milk, butter and eggs. However this bad weather didn’t last long and the next day we where up on the high peak trail going for a walk towards Padfield though sadly we didn’t make it all the way there. Oliver used the all terrain electric wheelchair called the Boma 7 which went up to 8mph. (though he mostly went at about 4mph so i could keep up!)

Oliver on the Boma 7 electric off road wheelchair.

We also walked along to Middleton Top in the hope to get some lunch in the cafe…but it was more of a visitors centre and sold things like muffins, crisps chocolate bars and flapjacks. The muffin I had was really nice though.

Hoe Grange Holidays is also a working farm, and with that you had lots of guests coming to our cabin; we met Fudge and Crunchy which are the owners 2 dogs…both who wanted to join us in our cabin though we were not sure if they were allowed so gave them both lots of fuss outside. The 2 goats whom we don’t know their names, lots of chickens and cockerels and one of the horses who was called Jessy.

Oliver with Crunchy one of the farms dogs.

Now I am back from my holiday, I have a very busy and exciting week ahead… On Wednesday I am attending a Bloggers event for Lush in my local store in Bury, on Saturday I am going to the Opera and Sunday I am going on the mental health mates walk. So watch this space.

Bye for now



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