Frozen – Lush bath bomb review

I thought I would lighten the mood a little. Also Oliver is a little overwhelmed at the moment; therefore isn’t feeling up to giving his input for part 2 of my blog called Evan dissects ableist blog post. Taking this into consideration I have decided I am going to review one of the recent baths me and Oliver shared together.


We used Frozen; I have used it many times before but I think it was Oliver’s first. Its perfect for pretending you a merperson, the bath water turns a lovley blue colour with a sliver glitter. The glitter I find to be very fine and doesn’t stay on my skin as much as other bombs which makes it supper easy to clean the bath afterwards. Oliver described the glitter as looking like ‘mist rising over moors in the morning’. I love how the silver shimmer mixes with the blue water. Its just very pretty and magical.

The smell is a mixture of grapefruit and rose. I think the rose notes come through more. Its a very clean smelling bomb. I think its a perfect bath to have of a morning mixed with Happy Hippy shower gel. Even when I have a bath I like to wash with a shower gel and shower scrunchy. I find this mix very invigorating. It really wakes up my senses. It also contains neroil oil, what I found great about this is it has a really green uplifting smell when in its fresh form.

On the Lush website there is information about their ingredients, i learnt from this that its one of the few essential oils that has been scientifically proven to help increase serotonin. Serotonin is produced naturally in the body and helps regulate mood, appetite and sleep. The frozen bath bomb doesn’t contain any butters however my skin still felt soft and nourished. I thought I was going to have to moisturise but that wasn’t the case.

Here  you can see the ingredient list and buy. Its available to buy online and in stores for £4.25.

Bye for now

Much Love


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