Lush – Autism friendly.

As in my other blog which can be found here I talk about my partner Oliver and how he has grown to love Lush almost as much as me. He needed some new moisturiser for his knees as his skin was becoming very hard and dry. I suggested we go to Lush as I knew he would find something that would work for him. We went to the Manchester Arndale store and as always greeted with a warm welcome. It was the first time Oliver had really been into the shop for any type of consultation; it was great! So much so he feels like he may be able to go into the store alone, and get help picking out Christmas presents. I am hoping that they will contain some of the amazing glitter pigmented makeup.

As always, you can’t just go into Lush for one thing; we came out with all-sorts. It was the weekend before Manchester Pride so i had to get glitter into the mix. Here is what we bought. CqjtSxzWcAARv7Q

The Handy Gurugu, Aromaco Deodorant and the Trichomania solid shampoo were all of Oliver’s purchases. The rest were mine. The Hottie massage bar is shared, though we both use each others products so really its a big Lush free for all!

I am calling Lush Arndale autism friendly because Colin (the employee who helped) took the time to listen to Oliver’s very precise needs. He can’t deal with things which are oily on the skin, doesn’t like strong smells and it needed to be hard wearing for when he is out of his wheelchair and getting around on his knees. He understood how and why Oliver needed to wash his hands after trying a moisturiser he didn’t like, he warned Oliver if the smell was going to be strong. But most importantly he let Oliver make the decisions and let him take as long as he needed. Oliver was also very honest about what he didn’t like, he said something looked like “rotten salmon” and another “smelt like sick” and Colin acknowledged what he said making Oliver feel like his thoughts were valid and didn’t feel judged.

So to round things off I want to say a big thank you to Colin from the Manchester Arndale Store. You made Oliver’s first major time in a Lush store a success. This hopefully means you will be seeing a-lot more of me and Oliver in the future.

I am going to leave you with a picture of myself and Oliver at Manchester Pride.


Bye for now




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